Washington Post

“Some of the most exhilarating and imaginative music you'll ever hope to hear……musical play in the highest sense: exuberant, spontaneous and irresistibly alive.”  

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 - Stephen Brookes


All About Jazz

“Energetic and energizing, the musically adventurous, tempestuous fiesta that was 13 Vices proved that entertainment and intellectual stimulation are not incompatible. Sometimes they go hand in hand in wholly unexpected guises” 

“Visceral and abstract, ear-splitting, serene and melodic in turn… artists like Irvine and (Jennifer) Walshe almost never get invited to perform the national anthem before big sports events but life would be far more entertaining if they were allowed a little carte blanche.”

 - Ian Patterson


Downbeat Magazine

Mr. Irvine is a great composer who draws from various sources and streams: Ives or Copland-like Americana to more dissonant European extremes one of the most successful combinations of modern classical and modern jazz without any of those stale third stream cliches that only hard-nosed critics complain… a gem.”

 - Bruce Lee Gallanter 



The Guardian

"Exhilarating stuff….Brian Irvine’s body of work is an example of the musical treasures half hidden in the cracks between the categories….smart music in a culture that often over rewards the dumb and/or the well connected….the Bath festival audience banged the tables to demand an encore”


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BBC Music Magazine  

 “wondrous… frightening virtuoso deployment of his vast orchestra conjures giddy, Ivesian swirls …a richly textured palette….Praise Aloud the Trees is a triumph, .a work of considerable sonic daring and imagination.”


Irish Times 

“Ingenious… magical… truly inspirational “ ****

 22 Oct 2014 - A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing

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Irish Times 26/07/2012

NEST is innovative, moving, surprising, stirring - epic in both scale and inspiration….This is barnstorming, exuberant music, performed with impressive flair and brio. Irvine's oratorio is a rich, multi-sensory experience"


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Opera Magazine

“The evening’s highlight was undoubtedly Brian Irvine’s May Contain Flash Photograph. Funny fast moving and temmingly inventive.”

May Contain Flash PhotographySept 2012.

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Culture NI

Brian Irvine’s eccentrically individual music creates a sensitive and sympathetic space in which these operatic characters can find a voice. I don’t think this is 'an opera with a mission' but like all good art, Postcards from Dumbworld can generously transform the unlikeable into the acceptable - and, through its many moments of humour and pathos, maybe provide us with a sensitive little glimpse of whatever heaven is to us."

  Postcards from Dumbworld 2010

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Northern Ireland’s most colourful and charismatic composer”

 Postcards from Dumbworld, Grand Opera House, Belfast. Friday 22 October 2012




BBC Music Magazine 

Brian Irvine’s mind is a microcosm of huge energy and chaos, intricately engineered to blow your head off!” 


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An imaginative, kaleidoscope of contrasting moments that ranged from fragile lyricism to down right anarchy”

THE LIST 23 October 2010 - Postcards from Dumbworld, Grand Opera House.

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